Veteran with PTSD Reunites with Dog Mistakenly Given Away When He Was Hospitalized

March 21, 2019 Updated: March 26, 2019

When a car crash left a veteran hospitalized, never would he have imagined that this would lead to him losing his beloved dog.

On Oct. 16, 2018, air force veteran Larry Peteet, of Land O’ Lakes, Florida, was driving home when he fainted and crashed. Before he was sent to the hospital, first responders asked him what should they do with his white Labrador retriever, Sandy Girl.

Larry S Peteet 发布于 2016年1月22日周五

Peteet asked them to leave the dog in the care of his neighbor whilst he was at hospital. Thus, a policeman later informed him that they had dropped Sandy off at his neighbor’s place. All seemed under control, and the vet was under the impression he need not worry about his dog.

After three days at the hospital, Peteet was discharged. He went directly to his neighbor’s place to pick up Sandy—but the dog was gone. Panic set in…

Moreover, this neighbor hadn’t a clue where Sandy was. It seemed that there was some confusion about which neighbor actually minded Sandy.


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Police got involved, and they eventually learned from another neighbor of Peteet’s that Sandy had been given away at a dog park to someone who had a black Labrador. For some reason, that other neighbor didn’t realize the dog belonged to Peteet.

“She’s my baby girl, the love of my life,” said the veteran, who has post-traumatic stress disorder. “I love her more than anything. So, it’s horrible.”

Not knowing who had Sandy, nor where his dog was, Peteet went on a mission to find her, trying not to “freak out” in the process.

Larry S Peteet 发布于 2016年7月25日周一

“Sandy is my emotional support,” he said, emphasizing how important his dog is to him. “She’s the only reason when I get down that I care about anything. She’s my lifeline.”

The worried vet distributed missing dog flyers and filed a police report. He also sought help from pet detective Jamie Katz.

Photo by Tabatha MudraPhoto Illustration by Miche Ratto

Jamie Katz Pet Detective 发布于 2016年7月28日周四

Eventually, word got out, and the pet detective was contacted by a man who said he was given the dog. He was told the Labrador had been abandoned.

Peteet and the man later arranged to meet up. When Peteet saw Sandy, he knew it was her at first sight. And she, of course, recognized her master.

<<<>Look Who’s Home<>>>Missing for 22 days in Lutz, FL… Sandy Girl is now SAFE & Home!!!!A good Samaritan called this morning to tell us he had Sandy Girl!!! His boss saw the news segment on WFLA News Channel 8 last night and called us right away!!! Steve (The good Sam) was given Sandy after he was told she was abandoned…. Welcome Home Sandy Girl & CASE CLOSED!!!!#lookwhoshomePI Jamie Katz#jamiekatzpetdetective#WFLA #OnYourSide WFLA Melanie Michael#caseclosed

Jamie Katz Pet Detective 发布于 2018年11月6日周二

“Unbelievable. I’ve been crying all morning. Just unbelievable,” he said, according to an update published by WFLA.

“When I saw her, I called her name and she came running. It’s phenomenal. She’s home.”

<<<>Look Who’s Home<>>>Missing for 22 days in Lutz, FL… Sandy Girl is now SAFE & Home!!!!A good Samaritan called…

Jamie Katz Pet Detective 发布于 2018年11月6日周二

It’s a relief to know that the stressful search for Sandy met with a happy ending, and Peteet is once again able to enjoy his dog’s company, take her out on walks, and give her plenty of belly rubs!

Sandy was probably spoilt with a hearty dinner that evening—ah, it’s sure good to be back home.