Vet Finds Tick on Dog Minutes Before He Was to Be Put Down

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
May 24, 2016 Updated: May 24, 2016

A week after returning from a camping trip in Oregon, Ollie the sheltie became weak and lethargic. His owner took him to the hospital for blood tests and an X-ray, but found nothing. 

Ollie eventually became almost completely paralyzed that he could no longer eat, and his owner decided to have him put down. 

But when Neena Golden, a veterinary student, prepared Ollie for euthanasia, she scratched his ear and found a tick behind it. 

A senior veterinarian diagnosed Ollie with “tick paralysis,” which was so rare that he had never seen it outside of a medical textbook. 

Ollie’s tick was removed, and he was shaved to guard against more bites. 

His owner saw noticeable improvement after the tick was removed, and Ollie started moving the night after they returned from the hospital. 

“That was just amazing in itself, that this dog recovered so quickly,” Golden told ABC News. The vets all high-fived each other after they heard the news. 

The owners were immensely grateful to the vets for saving their dog’s life. 

“He was one minute away from euthanasia,” said his owner, Al. “The doctor walked in and remembered that he heard about this in school. He told me it was just one little thing, one slide, and they mentioned it and [that] it was rare, and that was it. He had never seen a case before in his career.”

Al said his friends and family had all been praying for Ollie.