Turn Into a Real-Life Burrito by Rolling Yourself Up in This Adorable ‘Tortilla Blanket’

April 6, 2019 Updated: April 11, 2019

Have you ever fantasized about becoming your favorite foodstuff? Admit it, we’ve all had “that dream.” Just us? Well, forgive us while we bury our heads in shame in the soft folds of a comforting blanket. But not just any old blanket: the “tortilla blanket” is a real-life phenomenon, and it’s driving people wild.

Shaped and patterned like a huge tortilla, these blankets really look edible (©Ebay)

Fancy dressing up like a burrito? If you weren’t fantasizing before, you will be now!

A company called Zen Life was the original creator of the now internet-famous “tortilla blanket.” The craze has spread like wildfire to the extent that the original blanket has long sold out, but that hasn’t stopped people from talking about it.

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Shaped and patterned like a huge tortilla, these blankets really look edible, and unsurprisingly, everybody wants one. You’d be hard pushed to resist swaddling yourself (or someone else) in its soft, floury-looking folds and curling up against a mound of pillows to while away chilly evenings.

And let’s be honest, everybody feels a little grumpy from time to time. As adults, “real life” pushes on, even if we’re having a bad day. So what better way to cheer up than to dress up like your favorite Mexican meal and indulge in a little whimsy?

Make way for the tortilla blanket, the sartorial solution to a blue mood!

For all you skeptics out there, never fear: if comedic, comfy, adult-sized human burritos aren’t your cup of tea, how about this? There’s also an option for babies.

Quirky online gift store UncommonGoods is selling a US$48 version of the tortilla blanket for swaddling babies. It even comes with a matching cap to complete the irresistible look. The yummy ensemble was created by mom, self-proclaimed “foodie,” and maker Katharine Harlan Owens.

“Before going into the baby business, she worked in wine marketing in Napa, California,” the website shares. “In early 2012, she embarked on a new career path and developed a cheeky children’s apparel line devoted to inspiring every parent to savor the greatness of life.”

So we have Katharine to thank for the dressing up of babies as delicious Tex-Mex snack food? Thank you, Katharine! The votes are in, and the internet is well and truly converted.

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Holy Moly Micah Nottoli w/ a side of guacamole 🥑 🌯 This #babyburrito is 11wks old today and loves to guac&roll 😂

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Katharine’s cotton-polyester blend “Tortilla Baby” blanket is cut and hand-sewn in Brooklyn, New York, and will happily swaddle babies up to 4 months of age (or, should we say, size).

Enthusiastic reviews include “super soft and adorable” from one happy parent, and, “it looks just like a tortilla!” from another. There must exist a few families out there who have been savvy enough to buy blankets for both the adults and the babies in their brood.

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Pictures, please!

A family photo montage of “tortilla babies” is perhaps the one and only thing that the weird, wide, and wonderful world of the internet is missing.