Touched to See the Language of the Shen Yun Dancing

April 28, 2017

“Absolutely amazed and feel really blessed to be here.”

“I started to see the language of the dance and my wife was in tears next to me. I was quite happy watching it, but she saw a deeper, sadder side behind it. I think there is very important message there as well.”

“To me even though the dancers were not using their voices or anything like that. It was very clear to understand what the messages were that were being portrayed and even just watching the dancers between each other using the sign language—which were gestures. To me it was quite a universal language.”

“There is joy and hope and faithfulness and I think those things are universal. To me I find that was inspiring to see how other people portraying those attributes and expressing them in dance. That’s very nice … there doesn’t seem to be enough pure values.”

“The innocent values, of joy, I think that’s the thing you see in the dance. There is a sad side to the story of the persecution but there is the overcoming of oppression in the dance which is really nice to see. I guess that is always a good story to have as well. But it is a hopeful thing.”

“It is the non-retaliation with revenge or violence and that sort of thing—I think that certainly is an innocent and pure value that is not seen enough. I think also the joy to me is an innocent and pure thing in itself. And, that’s what the dance seemed to give me.”

“It’s a very hard thing to explain especially when something is more sort of a spiritual or soulful experience.”