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Ballet Teacher: ‘very spectacular’

BY Jason Loftus TIMESeptember 28, 2008 PRINT
Fritha King (R) at the Mid-Autumn Spectacular.  (Victor Chen/The Epoch Times)
Fritha King (R) at the Mid-Autumn Spectacular. (Victor Chen/The Epoch Times)

TORONTO—Fritha King, a ballet teacher for 30 years, confirmed the Mid-Autumn Spectacular was aptly named after she took in the show on Sunday.

“I really found it very interesting, very spectacular,” said King, who is a certified ballet teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. “I loved the costumes and the orchestra.”

Sunday afternoon was the first time she had watched a Divine Performing Arts show. She joined others to take in the final performance of the Spectacular at the John Bassett Theatre in downtown Toronto.
Ms. King said her favourite performances were “Water Sleeves,” in which ladies dance with long silk trains extending from their sleeves, and “Lightness and Grace,” an elegant fan dance.
 “I liked the use of costumes and the use of props,” said King, who performed professionally in Europe and Canada before teaching. She now lives in Oshawa, Ontario.
As a dance teacher, Ms. King had praise for the dancer’s technique.

“The arm movements are very graceful,” she said. “It was also interesting to see how the actual team worked so well together.”

A standing ovation concluded Sunday’s matinee, the sixth and final performance of the Divine Performing Arts Mid-Autumn Spectacular.

Divine Performing Arts will return to Toronto in January 2009.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s most ancient and cherished holidays. The Spectacular expresses Chinese classical dance and showcases authentic traditional Chinese culture. Through background scenery, costumes, and choreography, the Spectacular expresses truthfulness, compassion, and pure beauty. China’s history comes to life in this gorgeous performance that is entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting. The show’s content is presented in both Chinese and English. For more information, visit:


Jason Loftus
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