Tips on Making a Color Palette for COOL Skin Undertones

BY Skylar Parker TIMEApril 19, 2022 PRINT

Did you know that your skin undertone determines what kind of colors look good on you? Follow fashion and jewelry designer, Justine Leconte’s tips to transform your style and wardrobe! 

Cool Colors 

The basic cool colors on the color wheel include: blue, purple, and green. However, there are also the various shades and hues in between these colors that can be incorporated for choosing the perfect color combinations for people with cool undertones.

Cool hues with white will always look harmonious together, explains Justine. The same goes for cool hues with black. Using these hues is a great way to add depth and variety to the standard cool shades. 

Adding white to cool colors is also a simple way to create an effective summer palette. 

Creating Color Accents

“Adding subtle warm color accents to a cool outfit is a great way to make your overall look stand out,” says Justine. This can also be achieved with warm outfits by adding cool accents. Justine recommends adding small accessories like bags, jewelry, or sunglasses to your outfit with the opposite color tone. Incorporating these minimal elements will provide more depth and harmony to your outfit. It will also emphasize all of the colors together and create a three-dimensional look! 

“Make sure you include different intensities and levels of saturation when building your color palette,” advises Justine. Examples of summer hues include: baby blue, ice blue, lavender, aqua green, mint, and sage. While winter hues are composed of: navy blue, king blue, duck blue, forest green, emerald, and deep purple. 

Purple and Green as Jewel Tones

Purple is considered to be between the cool and warm color hues, giving it a unique advantage of working well on both warm and cool-toned people. Stylists often consider purple as a jewel tone due to its adaptability to elevate any look. However, Justine says that it depends on the purple hue as some are more suited to warm tones while others are better on cooler tones. “In theory you can take any cool hue look warmer,” says Justine. If you take purple and add red to it, you can make it warmer, making it more suitable for people with warm undertones. However, for cool undertones, you should opt for a cooler purple with more blue, suggest Justine. 

Make sure to follow the tips above to determine the right colors for your next outfit! Consider checking out French fashion and jewelry designer, Justine Leconte’s video for more information. 

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