‘These performers have absolute virtuosity – every one of them,’ Says Sound Professional

April 16, 2017

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe that it’s just so seamless — the movements with the orchestra. They are really on point.”

“The fact that there’s 30 people on stage doing fantastic things, and you don’t hear [them]. They’re gliding. They’re gliding. Even when they jump, and land, there could be 12 people in the air, and they all land – you barely hear anything. It’s not by mistake. It’s skill on top of skill. It’s virtuosity.

“There’s skill, there’s expert, and there’s complete virtuosity, and that is what they have. … These performers have absolute virtuosity—every one of them in every movement that they make – all the way down to the breathing. I haven’t seen one person out of breath yet.”

“The performances that they give with their expressions in their face down to the final knuckle, the finest finger movement, all the way to the gleam in their eyes. It’s not only the face, but also the spirit behind it—this seems to emanate rather than just have it projected.”

“The way they pop up after flying around – it’s wonderful. It’s nothing short of delightful and enchanting.”

“All religions have the same [theme] behind them – connection to that which is greater than ourselves as individuals. … I think anything that illuminates that such as this show is a blessing to the world wherever they go. 

“The fact that they’re touring with it is a good thing to spread. I like the way they weren’t afraid to show the negative aspect of life (religious persecution in modern China). This is important.” 

“It’s beautiful. In the world, it’s important to expose oneself to that which is beautiful and ideal, and these performers, in all the arts actually, do that – they express our higher frequencies. It manifests that which is ideal. 

“In my life when I go back to work, or when I’m on the road, I remember this (Shen Yun). … This is what’s beautiful. This is what’s real. This is what matters. [Shen Yun] is aligned with that. It’s in tune with that, and people need to expose themselves to that as much as possible.”