‘There are higher purposes in life’

March 3, 2017

“I love the choreography of a large group of dancers. This is my second time here. … I really prefer this kind of dance.”


“You feel really good, … it is an overall good experience you walk out from.”


“Discipline is something you get from it, [and] the spirituality aspect, valuing not just things that are coming from this life, but there are higher purposes in life.”


“I feel it connected me to the people in the audience and to the people on stage. I feel connected as a whole group, the way they dance together as a unit as opposed to being individualistic. I like that concept of family, community.”


“It makes me think about life in general. … I think I will reflect a little bit on it and see how much happiness I get from my life in general, and what I can learn about being part of a larger community as opposed to being an individual and doing daily events and daily things, but feeling part of a larger group, a larger culture, larger society. What my role is [in that].”