The Word You See First Can Reveal A lot About Your Personality … and Your Biggest Obstacle

July 20, 2020 Updated: July 20, 2020

Your subconscious mind has a secret it wants to share with you!

Scan the image below and note down the first word that your eyes settle upon; it’s a subconscious choice but a significant one.

Once you have found your word, scroll down to discover what it says about who you are and your biggest obstacle in the present moment.

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“Silk” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You don’t take the path of least resistance. You’re not afraid of a challenge, nor of failure; you’re likely an innovator or a team leader in your vocational life.

Your biggest obstacle: For you, work comes first! Remember that life is multi-faceted, so always reserve a little time for loved ones, rest, and relaxation around the edges.

“Rainbow” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are a creature of habit. Your loved ones rely upon you for your consistent presence and amazing support.

Your biggest obstacle: Precisely because of this, you run the risk of being taken advantage of; make sure that the relationships you maintain are reciprocal.

“Lion” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are gregarious and ambitious, and your success inspires others to chase their own dreams. You have the propensity to take failures to heart but that’s just because you’re a big softie on the inside.

Your biggest obstacle: Your emotional sensitivity may be underestimated; don’t be afraid to tell others when you need space to think and feel before acting.

“Nature” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are blunt and honest with everybody you interact with. You value the truth and have no time for duplicity.

Your biggest obstacle: Occasionally, you can be disappointed with others when they don’t meet your expectations. Work on having a little more empathy for people who lack the confidence to be forthright.

“Explorer” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are humble, sweet, and struggle to take a compliment!

Your biggest obstacle: At its worst, your humility can mean that you suffer from low self-esteem; you sometimes give too much credit to the judgments of others, so take a step back and know your worth.

“Fruit” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are helpful and loving and always want to be there for other people, even strangers.

Your biggest obstacle: Your life feels balanced right now, but be sure to take time to top up your own glass before tending to everyone else’s.

“Coffee” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are a dreamer! You likely have a creative role at work and maybe dabble in photography, painting, or fashion in your free time.

Your biggest obstacle: As a big-picture thinker, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the problems of the world. Remember, it’s all a matter of perspective.

“Root” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You are a grounded, calming presence and you matter to other people more than you know.

Your biggest obstacle: You can sometimes be a little wrapped up in your own agenda. Make time for your loved ones; host a virtual dinner party or invite your favorite person to accompany you for a walk in nature.

“Depths” was the first word you saw:

Who you are: You can be stubborn, but that’s because you’re used to getting what you want! Nonetheless, you are a thoughtful person who always sees beyond first impressions.

Your biggest obstacle: Others can sometimes get frustrated with you for being a black-and-white thinker; don’t be afraid to play in the gray area once in a while.

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