The Way You Hold a Glass Can Reveal A lot More About Your Personality Than You Realize

September 13, 2020 Updated: September 13, 2020

In terms of nonverbal communication, the way you hold a glass is rich with signals that one might not expect.

Indeed, some experts have found that it’s possible to glean an accurate first impression of a person’s core traits from some subtle cues connected to the way your hands clutch your cup.

Whether you’re a beverage sipper or a swigger, it’s the style of the clasp that bears important insight into your personality. Which style do you use?

Style 1: The Embrace

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If you tend to hug your glass with both hands, you’re probably someone who uses a drink as a comforting prop in social situations, indicating that you have some reservations about what you have to offer.

You are, however, an incredible listener. You are sincerely warm and empathic and always on hand to listen to other people’s woes.

While your self-confidence may not be worn on your sleeve, you do have a quiet determination that makes you a perfect candidate for long-term projects or unsupervised working. Others trust that you will get the job done!

Style 2: By the Rim

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A person who dangles their glass daintily by the rim is advertising their confident risk-taking proclivities. If this is how you hold your glass, then you are likely a skilled social butterfly and not afraid of a little spillage here or there—in life as in liquid.

You are probably a figurehead either at work or in your social circle, or both. Your magnetic confidence commands respect, and you may even find that some people look up to you as a role model.

Style 3: The Connoisseur

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If you hold your glass by the stem, chances are that you have a taste for the finer things in life. You appreciate delicacy and elegance, as well as good food and wine, and want to share these with the people you love; you may have a reputation for being a great host or decorator.

This particular clasp may intimidate a new acquaintance, but stem holders are pussycats beneath their elevated social graces. Warm and inquisitive, they love to meet new people.

Style 4: The Casual Clutch

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It’s the default glass-grabbing style for many people, and if you are a fan of the casual clutch, then you are probably a sensible sort, preferring practicality over excess.

Those who tend to hold their glass this way are advertising that they are governed by their heart, not their head. Glass clutchers can be relied upon to be the voice of moderation in most scenarios, and they are warmly regarded for this trait.

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“The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realize, or might want to divulge,” explained psychologist Dr. Glenn Wilson. “To a large extent, it’s an unconscious thing and just reflects the person you are and the type of social relationships you have.”

Did you see yourself among these examples? While lending awareness to the way you present yourself, this subtle nonverbal cue could also help you decide whether or not you want to make someone’s acquaintance—and vice versa.

And that could help you judge the best way to make your own introduction!

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