The Sweet World of Dessert Cocktails

June 27, 2018 Updated: October 8, 2018

Have your dessert and drink it, too—in a cocktail, that is—with the help of “Delicious Dessert Cocktails” by Barbara Scott-Goodman. The handy collection of over 70 recipes, ranging from traditional libations to more inventive creations, offers the perfect best-of-both-worlds remedy for those prone to after-dinner indecision. A sprinkling of whimsical illustrations brighten the book.

Sip on after-dinner classics, like a Brandy Alexander or Dessert Manhattan, or go for refreshing twists like Fresh Blueberry Prosecco, a Honeydew Margarita, or a Thin Mint Cocktail. Boozy frozen desserts beckon, too: Campari and Grapefruit Granita, for instance, or a Chocolate and Amaretto Affogato. For cooler evenings, there’s a selection of hot toddies, spiced ciders, and spiked hot chocolate.

For sweet treats to pair with your drinks, turn to the section of light dessert bites. Snack on Lemon Wafers to Chocolate Rum Balls, or opt for the more decadent Port-Roasted Figs with Crème Fraîche and Honey.

Published by Bluestreak, $17.99. Available in bookstores and online on July 3.

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“Delicious Dessert Cocktails” by Barbara Scott-Goodman ($17.99).