The Sazerac Now Has a New Home in New Orleans

BY Channaly Philipp TIMEOctober 15, 2019 PRINT

As if cocktail lovers didn’t have enough reasons to love New Orleans already, The Sazerac House’s new opening now provides another one.

Meant to provide an immersive experience to explore the history of the city through its cocktails, the Sazerac House is located downtown, just a few hundred yards away from the birthplace of the Sazerac cocktail and the Sazerac Company—the original 1850 Sazerac House.

Step up to the bar for a virtual cocktail from a virtual bartender. (Courtesy of the Sazerac House)

Visitors are transported to 1800s New Orleans, with simulations of the original café tables of the Sazerac House—a top destination in the city, where deals were cut, and business and politics discussed. They can chat with virtual bartenders, explore the versatile uses of bitters, and find out their perfect drink in an interactive exhibit, based on their favorite flavors and spirits.

At the final stage of the self-guided tour, visitors can explore whiskey production in the distillery—the first whiskey distillery in downtown New Orleans—trying out a variety of Sazerac products or cocktails along the way. The 500-gallon capacity still produces Sazerac Rye and is bottled on site. 

Tickets are required for entry; they are complimentary and available online. About 200,000 visitors are projected in this first year.

The Sazerac House
101 Magazine St.
New Orleans
Wednesday–Saturday 1 p.m.-6 p.m. through end of November, with extended hours to come.

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