The 4 Essential Grilling Tools You Need This Summer

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Grilling in the summer — when the weather is warm and the drinks are cold — is one of life’s simple and oh-so-lovely pleasures. Grilled chickenhomemade burgerscorn on the cob and a pitcher of something delicious and refreshing all add up to a great time. But in order to make some of your summer favorites, having access to a grill and grilling tools is important.

Whether you’re using your own grill or a public one there are a few simple tools you should buy before firing up a gas or charcoal grill. However, with so many grilling tools, gizmos and gadgets on the market today, choosing which ones to buy and which ones to avoid can seem complicated. Not to worry. If you are starting from scratch and don’t want to buy the entire grilling section of your local home-goods store, stick to these four essential grilling tools and you’ll be set for the summer.

A Grill Brush

Good grilling begins with a clean grill. Buy a good metal-bristled grill brush to scrape away all of that nasty stuff that inevitably accumulates after a good grilling session. Starting with a clean grill will ensure your food doesn’t stick, cooks evenly, and doesn’t end up with old bits of burnt food stuck to it.

A Strong Pair of Tongs

Want to become an absolute grill master this summer? Timing is everything. The difference between a perfectly cooked steak and an overcooked one can come down to the second. It’s important to be able to move the food around and off the grill quickly and safely. In order to do all this, a strong pair of tongs is crucial. Don’t skimp out and buy some flimsy cheap ones — they won’t last for long, and you run a great risk of either burning yourself or making a mess on the grill when the cheap tongs give out underneath the weight of a delicious ribeye.

A Good Metal Spatula

For things like grilled fish and burgers, tongs simply will not do the trick. Instead you need a strong metal spatula with a long handle (so you aren’t in the heat of the grill) to help flip those more delicate items swiftly and easily.

A Meat Thermometer

A simple instant-read meat thermometer is an affordable and important tool to use in any grilling situation. Using one will ensure you don’t serve undercooked meat. Now that you know the necessary tools to set you up for success this grilling season, it’s time for you to try cooking some of our 50 best grilling dishes, from baby back ribs to grilled lobster tails.

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