OC Resident Overcomes Disabilities to Produce Rock ‘N’ Roll CD

Zylofone Performing Arts helps disabled OC resident develop creative talent
By Yvonne Marcotte, Epoch Times
June 29, 2016 Updated: August 3, 2016

Seeking entertainment and social contact, an Orange County resident has discovered a musical vocation.

Charles Reighn sustained a work-related injury that was so severe, doctors said he would never walk again. He slowly regained his ability to walk after months of rehabilitation, but the Middletown resident was still homebound during his recovery.

His nurse thought he needed a social outlet, so in February of 2014 he joined Sunshine Adult Day Care in Newburgh.  

Reighn soon participated three days a week in some of Sunshine’s programs. He got more involved with music and discovered that he had a talent for singing.

Under the guidance and encouragement of Tammy Ryan, the daycare company’s regional manager, Reighn found he could sing karaoke. His burgeoning vocal skills got the attention of Debbie Major.

Major thought his renditions of the oldies were good enough to share.

Major operates Zylofone Performing Arts Center for Special Needs and works at facilities like Sunshine. Her non-profit engages people with cognitive and physical disabilities, according to its website, to develop their creative talents. 

CD of Oldies

An avid fan of Rock and Roll since childhood, Reighn began to sing and perfect his personal favorites. Major thought his renditions of the oldies were good enough to share.

With Major’s help and Sunshine’s sponsorship, Charles Reighn released a CD of his rock and roll favorites in May.

Reighn and his team recorded a CD over a period of six weeks, Ryan said. The CD, titled “Charles Reighn,” includes four of his personal favorites: “Sixteen Candles” by the Crests, “Betcha” By Golly, “You Are Everything” by the Stylists, and “Harbor Lights” by the Platters.

With Major’s help and Sunshine’s sponsorship, Reighn released a CD of his Rock and Roll favorites in May. Reighn recorded the music with people from Sunshine at Zylofone Studios, Ryan said.

Zylofone and Sunshine celebrated the CD’s release with a special ceremony on May 6 at the daycare in Newburgh where Reighn “was given an official album with his handsome picture and name on the cover,”  Ryan said. 

Reighn has been interviewed by WALL Radio’s Mark West and is building a fan base. He is working on an album of Christmas favorites, which is expected to be released in time for the holiday season.

Reighn, 70, continues to be a vibrant member at Sunshine. He continues with karaoke, in addition to fishing, picking apples, bowling, going to movies, and going on field trips.

Sunshine Adult Daycare serves the elderly and individuals with a chronic illness or disability. 

Reighn’s CD is available through Sunshine Adult Daycare, 608 Broadway, Newburgh or by calling 845-473-6900.

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