Small Business Marketing: Moms and Technology

March 6, 2017 Updated: March 6, 2017

All moms are not created equal. Mothers can exhibit very different behavior depending on age, ethnicity, income level, stay-at-home and/or working moms. The common denominator amongst all mothers is that they love technology and use media a lot.

When reviewing behavioral traits of working mothers, many marketers tend to find them very desirable due to their proficiency with technology. Given that these households tend to be more affluent, working mothers can afford to own a variety of devices and subscribe to services. Their devices are used for convenience.

Radio is important during driving and commuting. It doesn’t mean that stay-at-home moms are not valuable. On the contrary, they tend to spend longer periods of time with connected devices. These mothers view live television or use time-shifted viewing (using recording devices). Since they are always mobile, smartphones are a key point of contact for this consumer segment.

Even though income levels may vary, stay-at-home and working moms demonstrate strong usage of social media. They seek tips on parenting, food choices, sharing of photos, and entertainment options. Regardless of which category a mother fits, they typically drive many household decisions. This becomes even more prevalent within African-American households.

Ensure your marketing plans are cross-platform. Communication options should cover the broad spectrum of mothers’ behaviors. Also, seek brand ambassadors to provide testimony to the value of your products. Social media is just technology way of spreading the word faster. A brand ambassador could go a long way to driving your business goals.

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