Shen Yun’s Vocalists Impress in Melbourne

March 25, 2017

“I thought it [Shen Yun] was fantastic, the colors, the dancing—the personality in each performer is just phenomenal. It was a really tremendous performance and I would recommend it to everyone—so, so fantastic.”

“Stunning, it really was, just the synchronized work that they all did and how they all seemed to just flow in one big movement together, I cannot even explain it, it’s just great.”
“It was really interesting to see how, what the journey was and how it’s all spiritually connected and it’s a new experience in history for me.”

“I thought that was beautiful how it’s a connection inside to the movements that you put outside so I just thought it was very touching to me as well, so I just completely understood exactly—being like someone who is so passionate about dancing and that sort of thing myself—it got me.”

“Oh, [the vocalists’] technique is just phenomenal and I was just—I sat there just gaping—it was just beautiful, honestly, just wonderful.”