Shen Yun’s Cultural Values Amaze Retired CEO

February 22, 2017

“It is amazing that in China you could not do this. That is sobering to be honest with you. The beauty of this is amazing. And the fact that they can’t do it in their home country is a little sad—it truly is. The precision is amazing. And the story behind it … the costumes beautiful. It is very, very different—I am glad we are here.”

“For me I appreciate the culture, the diversity of culture. Everybody has a history and everybody has a story that brought them to where they are and we should respect it.”

“I think if you want to experience a Chinese culture event it is worth coming. If you want to see beauty and ease and costumes, you should come.”

“It has to be a life long commitment to what they do. … It is very crisp, clean and synchronous.”