Shen Yun Ticket, a Fantastic Birthday Gift

February 8, 2018

“Really magical, enchanting, uplifting, inspiring. That’s what I felt about the whole thing and to see everybody moving in beautiful unison, the timing—exquisite, absolutely immaculate and the leaps and the bounds and the grace—I had a fabulous night.”

“I understand that people like to look beyond this life. That something else, you know, heavenly, where they come from and where they are going and I thought that was very interesting and I could understand why the government over there [in China] doesn’t like it, because your spirit and your mind is somewhere else besides here on Earth.”

“The dancing was absolutely mind-blowing. These people, the dancers and the performers on stage, they weigh nothing, like air and you never hear anything except this wonderful movement. It was like lightness of air, just magical.”

“It was a present for husband’s birthday and also for mine, so it’s halfway between both of our birthdays. … I really can’t describe it, you’ve really got to come and see it and experience it for yourself because it uplifts you and it gives you energy.”

“I was very tired when I arrived, but I’m going home full of energy. Fantastic.”