Shen Yun: ‘They might have a mission about bringing peace to whoever is exposed to them’

December 24, 2017

“I always wanted to come; I’ve been wanting to come for ten years or so. Every time I see [the advertisement, I say] I’m going to make it … and the year came, and the time came, and we were able to buy tickets and have the resources and be in town and it was just all worth it, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.”

“The messages are really impressive about self-respect and dignity and compassion and belief. So it’s a really nice experience tonight.”

“The orchestra was just amazing; all the sounds that are combined, Eastern and Western [instruments]… very, very eloquent and intoxicating mixture that is rarely found, I’ve never seen something like that before. So it was really, really, really nice, and a very beautiful experience.”

“The motion … how they have self-control, the synchronization of the whole [dance] is just absolutely up to perfection, it’s flawless. You don’t see them being out of synchronicity; everybody knows exactly what the other person is doing. It’s like they are focusing one single mind, like from meditation state and then that’s how they execute everything so beautifully.”

“I was having shivers and goosebumps and joy and happiness, and it was really, really nice. This is my daughter, and she really wanted to come this year, and my wife, and finally we made it this year … it was a great year and this was a nice way to end the year, visiting and enjoying Shen Yun.”

“This is her birthday present actually, and I bought the last 3 tickets. There were only 3 tickets available online and there’s just this one [day] so I took it.”

“It has a very spiritual message all over it. Spirituality is reflected in self-respect and compassion to others … You need to respect life. You can see nature and colors; everything is reflected in their costumes.”

“It’s at least a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you need to take it in. You cannot miss it in your life; at least once [people have to see it.]”

“[After the show, I feel] joyful, happy, calm, tranquility …  calmness. It’s like this inner peace that it’s been infused through the dance, the colors, and the music, and now you can feel calmness inside. So it’s a really nice experience. It was really a lot of energy coming from the stage through the audience. You can just receive the warmth in waves and different intensities and vibrations. It was really, really something different.”

“At least they’ve been enlightened from heaven and they’ve been guided from heaven to execute meditation and motion and expressing feelings in that way. They might have a mission about bringing peace to whoever is exposed to them.”

“It’s peaceful. It’s going to be a peaceful night. It’s going to be a lot of learning tonight, and it’s a lot of information, so it’s going to take time to process that. It’s so much that one night is not enough to process through your body and your mind.”