Shen Yun Stories Cover ‘A Good Chunk of Humanity,’ Attorney Says

March 4, 2018

“It was wonderful. It was more than I expected. And it was a very, very pleasant surprise, [with] the wide spectrum of dance, and the storytelling, and the beautiful movement, the athleticism, the grace, the costumes, and the stories, were wonderful.”

“They were like great universal tales. They covered a good chunk of humanity, in terms of how they touched issues of living and existence. So it was wonderful.”

“It was inspirational—an insight into the long tradition and history of Chinese culture and its wide coverage.”

“[The music] was excellent. It was very very good and perfect for the performance. So it was excellent.”

“She [soprano] was excellent. Her ability to carry her notes was evident. And it was a stirring performance.”

“I think it [spirituality] was very moving. I think that led to the depth of the performance overall. That it was rooted in something—in terms of its backdrop of spiritual message, and the values it promoted. And so I think that’s part of the key to it.”

“We are all here. And we wonder why we are here. You know the wonder-man of life—the ups, the downs, the tragedy, the elation—and it makes you wonder about the larger point of all, and that’s why the performance was so good in that regard.”

“There is hope. And many people are innately good. And not everybody is perfect. And there are forces at work sometimes. … They are just challenges, maybe it is more. But our thoughts and goals should try to be live life with some purity and some direction towards a better purpose.”