Shen Yun ‘shows what humanity should be like,’ Human Rights Youth Coordinator Says

April 16, 2018

“It’s beautiful, magical and educational. … I laughed and I cried.”

“I think it shows what humanity should be like.”

“I think it’s very creative how the video, the graphics and the background [digital projection] is tied in with the dancing and the music, it’s just so well choreographed. … It’s perfect. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

“There’s so much about the Chinese culture that I’m not aware of. This is so educational to see all these different types of ethnic dances and the costumes.”

“[The performance] was described to be as a Chinese ballet, but it’s so much more than a Chinese ballet. This is like a trip through time with the arts and the beauty of China throughout history.”

“Very much [a surprise]. This is so far an absolute delight, and is so much more than I expected.”

“There were many emotions as I was going through this [performance] and watching it. Some of it was awe of the beauty and the skills of the dancers. [Another feeling was] peacefulness. There’s so much cacophony in life. This show is almost embodying the feeling of peacefulness.”

“[It’s] definitely spiritual. Spirituality and aesthetics are very harmonious. And when you do something that is beautiful, and is on an aesthetic plane like this, [it] really [reflects] one’s spirituality.”

“Any great religion has these basic, core beliefs of goodness and the belief in heaven. … So, it rings true through many different religions, let alone the purity of this show.”

“I have already heard of the atrocity that is happening with Falun Gong and [the persecution] in China. I am already familiar with the story. To see it acted out, it brought a tear to my eye.”

“I would recommend this to anyone who loves live, beautiful, aesthetic shows. … And more importantly, it is very spiritual. … This is something special.”