Shen Yun Is Beautiful and Magnificent, Says Mineral Collector 

February 7, 2018

“Before the gemstone business, it was a fabric business. Love it. I love the use of the oranges, the yellows, hints of blue that went along with the screen. Just really quite beautiful.”

“Precise. I love the way they used the [digital] screen with the modern dance. I thought that was just magnificent, something that I hadn’t seen before.”

“Costumes are just wonderful. [I] really enjoyed all the silver crowns and the bells. Pleasant to hear. I enjoyed the chopsticks, when they use those sound effects to go along with the music and the dance.”

“I loved the dance … it was terrific. I also enjoyed the ladies dancing on those 3-inch high heels. … My favorite one was the Mongolian dance.”

“[The stories were] extremely emotional. I feel that way very, very much. I was waiting to see in Tiananmen Square, the person standing in front of the tank, trying to get away from this type of persecution.”

“I would tell [my friends] to get tickets sooner than later.”