Shen Yun is a ‘Multisensory Adventure,’ Says Musician

February 7, 2018

“It was very exciting, everything—the color, the energy of the people, the story lines. It was just a really amazing event.”

“I liked the piece about the monk and about the monkey. That was very, very good. And I certainly liked all the pieces where the actors got into the screen and used the animation between the screen and the live-action on the stage. That was fascinating, very clever, enough to earn a patent.”

“I certainly liked the fact that there’s a lot of trumpet music. It added excitement and energy and helped to drive the storyline forward, very good. It was excellent.”

“Having the two stringed instrument [erhu] mixed with the harp and the violins and the clarinet and the trumpets, it was a very nice blend and it helped to tell the story.”

“I feel much better, excited, energized [after the show].”

“The introductions that were provided were very helpful, so we knew what we were seeing, plus the book [program] that was given to us helped to tell the story.”

“I think that it’s a tremendous accomplishment to get all the dancers and orchestra and everybody together to tell all the stories from the beginning of time all the way up to the present, including some of the current issues that go on with the Falun Gong and the Chinese people.”

“I think it’s very enlightening. I’ve read about it in the papers but wasn’t able to see it firsthand, so it was very interesting to see that happening.”

“It’s a multisensory adventure—the light, the sound, the story line. It was very enriching.”