Shen Yun Gives ‘Priceless Beauty,’ Says Piano Teacher

March 13, 2017

“I absolutely love it. This is my second time [watching Shen Yun].



“Last year my husband and I went to see this performance, and I was so regretful that I didn’t bring my kids. … This year, I bought tickets three months in advance [and was able] to bring kids, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s absolutely phenomenal, especially the yellow flower (“Yellow Blossom” dance piece). It’s gorgeous. It’s a great spirit — Chinese culture, and Chinese history — and it’s just beautiful.”



“It’s really highly professional, high class, [with an] absolutely amazing orchestra [with] Chinese music that we don’t hear everyday, plus absolutely amazing costumes and highly professional dancing.



“I’ve seen performances around the world, including a lot of Russian dance groups. When you see such top, highly professional dancers, you’re just speechless.”



[The Shen Yun Performing Arts Orchestra] is beautiful. It’s soft. It’s nice. You just want to listen more and more. … It’s first class — just first class.”



“If [Shen Yun] visits us next year, of course, if God gives us a chance, we’re definitely going to see it again.”



[Shen Yun] gives you priceless, priceless feelings. You see the performance, and it stays in your brain forever. It’s absolutely priceless beauty that makes you feel good.”