Shen Yun, Full of Love and Energy

April 17, 2017

“Beautiful! Incredible! Very good! Amazing orchestra! I liked it a lot! The costumes! You can see that there is a lot of training, lots of energy, lots of love in the show. Excellent! Really thank you very much [Shen Yun]! The beauty, the elegance of the show. I [feel] fascinated—especially with the orchestra and the costumes.”

“It seems perfect to me [reviving China’s traditional culture] because people can know the ancestors of that country and that culture. So far, in the past hour, we were learning a lot of things that we really did not know.”

“Very good [spiritual message], excellent. It teaches you that in a team and with energy you can achieve a great goal, especially the part of Buddhism, that the Buddha is there giving strength to people to be able to move forward. There is a part in one of the scenes that I saw where the Buddha is there feeding with energy, like a sun that represents the moment.”

“The energy that they put, the effort—it is an incredible show that travels all over the world.”