Shen Yun Dances Were ‘Flawlessly Executed,’ Says Owner of Theatre Company

April 29, 2017

Steve Neumann:


“I’ve enjoyed it very much, especially the “Yellow Blossoms” number and the “Tibetan Drums.” 

“The difficulty and the synchronicity [of the “Yellow Blossoms” piece] is outstanding – having to all stay in line together and showcase that, the movement of the petals and the flowers. That was flawlessly executed. 

“I thought it (“Tibetan Drums” dance) was very different. I’ve never seen anything like that – the use of the drums attached [to the dancers’ backs], and the way they were hitting the drums. Everything seems really difficult, and it’s being pulled off with such an ease. 

It’s fun to see the story lines, too. In the beginning, they mention the spiritual realm coming to the earthly realm (“Descent from Heaven – A Renewal”). … It’s nicely done as well as the [digital] projection with the images coming [on the screen] and the dancers coming up [onto stage]. It’s amazing.”

[Young artists] can really learn from it. Anytime you’re seeing other cultures’ art forms, the lessons they learn from that transcends through the art that they end up creating as well, and they are going to be inspired by something that they see in this to create an art of their own.” 

“I would say [to Shen Yun dancers] keep doing your art. The people will come to you. [Shen Yun’s] message will come out. People today, especially in today’s world, people in their homeland, they will learn about this. They’ll see it, they’ll find a way to be able to see it.” 

“It’s fun to go see a show, and when you walk out, you’re going to be able to talk about what you saw for a while and converse about it.”

Lindsey Neumann:

“[The dancers’ skills] are outstanding. Outstanding. … I did see the commercials, which is why we came. 

“The [dancers’] jumps are outstanding. The jumps are out of control, … I [wanted to] be clapping each time I saw something amazing.” 

I really liked the scarf number (“Han Dynasty Sleeves” dance). I really liked that one a lot because I am a dancer, it’s something I’ve never seen. I really enjoyed how they brought [the long sleeves] in, and then brought them out. I really like that a lot; it was inspiring, something different, something I’ve never seen before.” 

“I definitely was in awe. I thought it was very beautiful, and creative.” 

“[The piece “A Child’s Choice”] was very powerful in that that’s what happened to the culture and their religion and spirituality.”

“Their skills — they make it look too easy. I don’t think people realize how hard it is. Even the “Yellow Blossoms” [piece], just to keep [props] together, is just extremely difficult.”