Shen Yun Can Inspire People to Live in Peace and Unity

April 23, 2017

“I loved it. It was more than I expected. It was beautiful, it was artistic, it was colorful, and it was emotional, more than I expected actually. It was educational, and I felt that I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and also about China. Not being able to have this show in China was a little upsetting to me honestly, and sad, so I was emotional. The woman behind me was actually crying. So that was shocking, because I live here in America and that is something that is not familiar to me.” 

“They’re amazing, they’re talented, they’re beautiful, and artistic. It was really beautiful.”

“I was surprised, because I had people ask me what Shen Yun was, and honestly before I came to the show I did not know, so I kept saying it was Chinese ballet, and I was wrong. Now that I’ve learned it’s Chinese classical dancing, I was impressed. It was beautiful … the women are talented and the men are talented. I loved it.” 

“I noticed the hand movements, what my daughter would describe as pretty hands. Very pretty hands, because she does dance and she always shows her sister how to do pretty hands … and delicate steps. I think what I noticed about the steps and the movement was it just flowed so nicely, and it didn’t look like steps. It looked like the dancers were actually floating, and that was beautiful to me.”

“I thought that the orchestra was amazing and talented, beautiful. I felt that it brought a lot of emotion to me, and I thought that the entire show was absolutely amazing.”

“The meaning of the [soloist’s] song was touching to me, and it’s something that I do believe as well. I believe in creation, so I thought that was touching to me, and the story was beautiful and amazing, and of course her voice was just phenomenal. Very impressive.” 

“I do believe that there is something more than just what is here on earth now. I don’t think that we’re here just to be. I think that we are here for a purpose. I mean, we always have been. That’s why we’re intellectual creatures. For me, I feel like what we do here now really is going to catapult us to something bigger at the end of everything, and I felt like that message was very personal to me.”

I felt very connected, very connected.”

“I can only hope that it is a message that is well received because I think that we all need to hear that message. It’s important. It’s important for us as people. I don’t believe in just one country. I believe in the human race and the world, and if we believe in the message that [Shen Yun] is sending, I do believe that we could be a greater world and have peace and live in unity together, forever.”

“My experience tonight was beautiful … I want to go home and share it with my friends and family.”