Shen Yun Brings Alive Chinese Culture

April 2, 2017

“The performance was one of a kind. The dancers, the choreography, the orchestra is without doubt a total work of art. All I can say that the show was absolutely superb.”

“It truly is of high achievement from the artistic point of view, and the color combination were absolutely breathtaking.”

“The most important benefit of this show is that one learns about China’s great culture. China is rich in culture, which lends itself to be shown in the various dance scenes. I found that very impressive.”

“What amazed me the most was the blending of Chinese and Western music instruments by the orchestra. The music expressed Chinese tradition with a smidgen of Western classical music.”

“Surprisingly, I found that the Chinese culture transmitted somehow divine influence and the spiritual. This is expressed extremely well throughout the performance.”

“I’m certain that in the past there existed a high culture, which we have somehow lost. It is great that now, such culture is brought to our future.”