Shen Yun ‘A wonderful elixir for your soul,’ President Says

March 10, 2018

“It was a combination of music, color, dance, just spectacular music and the background [digital backdrop]. … It really is a wonderful elixir for your soul.”

“What was really particularly interesting to me is the amount of faith that was woven into the entire performance tonight—it was really spectacular. I think it was really an eye-opener for me about the Chinese culture.”

“It [traditional Chinese culture] has a lot more richness. The kinds of things that I’ve been exposed to from China don’t have that kind of color and richness and depth and texture. It really was a spectacular display of that tonight.”

“You could see the classical dance education and their ability to translate it into the vignettes today just was a great artistic achievement.”

“The instrument with the two strings [erhu], that was spectacular. To be able to coax the sounds out of a two-stringed instrument like that is really a great achievement.”

“The baritone was fabulous. I loved his style and his music.”

“I am particularly impressed by the back scene [digital backdrop] and the interaction with the actors with the screen itself. And then kind of continuation of motion into the screen. … I see it is patented. ”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to see the level of intellectual and cultural diversity that’s engaged in that. So it is really an experience for me that I never had before.”

“An aggregation of old, new, beauty, tragedy all compacted in one package, which really allows you to expand your point of view about Chinese culture. I love it.”