Severely Injured Dog ‘Waiting’ in Temple for Help Gets Rescued in Time

January 13, 2019 Updated: January 26, 2019

It’s the touching rescue story of a severely injured dog who sought refuge in an ancient temple. He stayed behind one of the shrines until the day his rescuers arrived—it was as if his long wait and “prayers” were answered.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India was notified of an injured dog that was found in an ancient temple by visitors, the organization wrote in a press release from May 2016.

The puppy, later named Punkin, was critically injured and had gone to the temple to find shelter. When rescuers arrived, they found him cowering in one corner and looking dejected with his “neck soaked in blood from several deep wounds.”

“When our rescuers arrived they found him sitting but otherwise in a state of shock, almost motionless and unresponsive,” the organization wrote. “He was severely dehydrated from blood loss and was in critical condition.”

During the rescue process, which was filmed on video, one rescuer was seen stroking Punkin’s head and comforting him before lifting him up and carrying him out of the temple.

Punkin was then transported to the hospital where he received immediate medical care for the deep wounds on his neck.

Animal Aid Unlimited said that “it took several days of IV fluids and medication before his condition had stabilized.”

Fortunately, with tender loving care from the rescuers, Punkin was able to grow stronger and recover.

After four weeks, Punkin was finally able to run and play with other dogs. And with one glance at him, one wouldn’t have known that this was the pup that was on the brink of death weeks ago.

Watch the rescue process in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India.