Travel Gift Guide: Seasoned Travelers Weigh In With Their Recommendations

December 10, 2018 Updated: December 14, 2018

What do you give to your preferred travelers for the holidays? Look to experienced travelers for their favorite must-haves—and their own wish-list items.

Carolyn Kremins
President, travel intelligence and marketing platform Skift

Carolyn Kremins. (Courtesy of Carolyn Kremins)

The Epoch Times: What items have improved your travel life?
Carolyn Kremins: Absolutely crazy about nodpod. A weighted microbead sleep mask that’s like baby bean bags for your eyes—hugs tight, slightly weighted enough to feel so great and blocks light.

The Epoch Times: What’s on your wish list?
Ms. Kremins: The list of what would improve my travel life is way too long, so beyond the invention of the supersonic jet to Asia or better quality of air onboard, I’m always up for the ultimate cashmere hoodie.

Juliana Dever
Actor and travel blogger

Juliana Dever. (Courtesy of Juliana Dever)

The Epoch Times: What items have improved your travel life?
Juliana Dever: In-flight amenity kit. I buy a bag with zippers and ideally a loop (you can hang on the seat in front). My favorite is this one from Flight 001: Seat Pak. If I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll fill it with in-flight socks, a contoured eye-mask (so the mask isn’t smashing my eyelashes), earplugs, gum, lip balm, and tissue.

The Epoch Times:  What’s on your wish list?
Ms. Dever: Sonic travel toothbrush. Since I have a sonic electric toothbrush at home, I notice a difference on the road

if I just bring a manual toothbrush. My favorite is the Violife Sonic Slim, it takes up less space than a regular toothbrush and does a great job making my teeth feel clean.

Kirk Reynolds
President, tour operator Revealed America

Kirk Reynolds. (Courtesy of Kirk Reynolds)








The Epoch Times: What items have improved your travel life?
Kirk Reynolds: To me, there’s nothing more valuable than a good backpack. I’ve had the same, indestructible backpack for over a decade and it’s perfect for business meetings and the trail. When I became a father three years ago, my best friend gave me his child carrier backpack. To be able to haul your kids around on your back through an airport or around a city is a game changer. Plus the kids love the elevated view of the world.

I also try to travel with quick-dry clothes, both for workouts and for nicer situations. I’ve been the guy who’s hung his sweaty cotton t-shirt over the hotel balcony railing. You don’t want to be that guy.

The Epoch Times: What’s on your wish list?
Mr. Reynolds: The latest iPhones have incredible cameras. I have the iPhone 8, which is nice, but the camera in the latest versions are light years ahead. To have great photography from your travels is essential. Also, if there’s a tracking device you could stick on Nalgenes, I’d save myself a lot of lost bottles

Loes Daniels
Founder, travel gift card brands FlightGiftCard and HotelGift

Loes Daniels. (Courtesy of Loes Daniels)

The Epoch Times: What items have improved your travel life?
Loes Daniels: My iPad and Netflix subscriptions! The night prior to any trip, I download several episodes of the current series I’m watching and the flight goes by seamlessly. The iPad fits in any bag, lasts the duration of my trip and I’m entertained no matter how long the flight is.

The Epoch Times: What’s on your wish list?
Ms. Daniels: Noise-canceling headphones: I had no idea how wonderful they were until I borrowed my colleague’s and experienced what a difference they make. The Bose QuietComfort ones are at the top of my list—and would work perfectly for all my iPad series binging.