Retired IBM Executive Amazed by Shen Yun’s Backdrop Technology

February 8, 2018

“I thought it was terrific. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it.”

“I thought that every one of the performers was outstanding. They must really have to practice a lot, because they have to learn a lot of different movements for different parts of the show, and they performed extremely well.”

“I like the whole thing, and I am glad Roberta and I got to see it.”

“The costumes are outstanding. I didn’t know that they were doing the storylines. I thought that was a good idea. I liked them all.”

“[The live orchestra] was great, terrific, and the director is outstanding. The person who coordinated the animated backdrop was amazing, absolutely amazing. You must have some outstanding electronics people. The technology was amazing to me.”

“I thought [the soloists were] very interesting, it added another flavor to the whole show.”

“Come see the show. It’s terrific.”