Project Coordinator for Apollo Space and Space Shuttle Programs Praises Coordination of Shen Yun

April 23, 2017

“It’s been wonderful. It’s amazing. The coordination is so great. I love the dancers, the colors. It’s very, very colorful.” 

“[My wife] liked it so much [last year] that she said, ‘We have to go back.’” 

“I loved the [“Tibetan Drums” dance]. They were so coordinated, and I’ve never seen them play drums on their backs before. [It’s] very, very creative.”

“It’s amazing how they can do it all – how they can coordinate the scene behind it with the people on stage … Just making it all come together at one time. And as many times as they do it, it’s amazing; I haven’t seen anybody mess up at all.” 

“It’s very spiritual.” 

“It’s coordination between two different cultures, two different countries. This is what we need is coordination – we can all get along.” 

“Don’t miss it. It’s so great.”


“I think it’s a very good job. We’ll come back next year.”