Photos: Creative Mom’s Extraordinary Food Art for Kids Is All-Edible and Healthy

July 22, 2021 Updated: July 26, 2021

Inspired by the textures and colors of healthy food, a mom of two started transforming meal prep for her kids into plate-sized works of art. Her creations, both lifelike and edible, have attracted an online following of fascinated foodies.

Belgium-based artist Jolanda Stokkermans goes by the moniker De Meal Prepper. A graphic designer by trade, she started out sharing her food prep hacks with busy people and families on a dedicated website.

She initially wanted to add a visual effect to her easy-to-cook recipe demonstrations using some good online pictures. However, not finding suitable stock photos, she decided to let her creativity flow, and cook and photograph the dishes herself.

Epoch Times Photo
“Jemima Puddle-Duck Rice” made of rice with hummus, couscous, cucumber, turmeric, spirulina, beetroot powder, and parsley. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
Jolanda’s meal prep themed on World Turtle Day. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“A Girl With the Pearl Earring” made from creamy mashed potatoes and decorated with tortilla wraps, yogurt, curry powder, and food color. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)

“I didn’t want to just make a dull picture of some food on a plate, so I tried to be a bit creative and made some figures out of the meals,” Jolanda told My Modern Met, an online magazine that celebrates creativity and promotes positive culture.

Before long, the mom of two turned into a “food designer,” rendering wildly creative flora and fauna on her plates: cute animals, majestic wildlife, and even pop culture portraits.

Epoch Times Photo
“Rooster Veggies”: A side dish made with roasted turnip, bell peppers, and cucumber, served with mashed potatoes. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“Sushi Drip Cake” made of rice, smoked salmon, shrimp, cucumber, carrots, and rucola (rocket). Can be served with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.  (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)

Jolanda told the outlet that she often starts with an image in mind, then seeks further inspiration from the ingredients in her fridge and cupboards.

“Sometimes I see a special vegetable or pasta, and something comes up in my mind,” she said. “I use vegetables, tomato sauce, natural food coloring, soy sauce, or spices to create color into the dishes.”

Inspired by her kids’ enthusiasm, Jolanda started sharing her art on her website and Instagram page, where she has amassed thousands of followers and counting.

Comparing her process to painting, drawing, or sculpture, Jolanda demonstrated the assembly of a Bavarian barmaid in a video filmed for DW Food, telling the outlet that assembling a dish is relaxing.

Epoch Times Photo
“Carrot Stew Squirrel” made of carrots, potatoes, onions, and a green apple.  (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“Sweet Eagle Dessert”: A fluffy biscuit pie made with vanilla butter cream, Nutella, cacao powder, and chocolate chunks. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)

As online demand for Jolanda’s imaginative pieces increased, so her original meal-prep demonstrations went out the window in favor of adding to her magical portfolio.

Each artwork takes between two and four hours to complete, and everything on the plate is edible.

Telling Bored Panda that either her lion, unicorn, zebra or white tiger designs are her favorite, Jolanda maintains that nobody should regret that her art is finite. “All of the plates are meant to be eaten,” she said.

Jolanda is now working on a program of online and in-person workshops for both adults and kids, to share the joy of food art with others.

Check more of her selected food art below. Enjoy!

Epoch Times Photo
“Gondola in Venice” made of creamy garlic mashed potatoes with roasted bell peppers, sesame, yogurt, and zucchini. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“Polka Dot Toucan”: a sushi plate with rice, cucumber, nori, and little dots of mame-nori-San (soy bean paper). Serve with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“Butterfly Delight”: A side dish made of creamy garlic mashed potatoes, dyed with squid ink, topped with rice, roasted bell peppers, pineapple, carrots, green apple, and capers. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
A cuddly teddy bear made of sugar and strawberries. (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)
Epoch Times Photo
“Green Parrot Salad”: A healthy side dish made of salad, peppers, sunflower and sesame seeds, cucumber, and mashed potatoes.  (Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)

Watch Jolanda assembling a tasty plate of food art in the video below:

(Courtesy of Jolanda Stokkermans)

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