Personality Test: The Face You Choose to Describe Each Emotion Can Tell Your Underlying Character

BY Louise Chambers TIMEFebruary 26, 2020 PRINT

These five images have the ability to unearth fundamental aspects of a person’s personality, and they may entail some surprises.

Even when presented with the same visual stimuli, each individual perceives it in a different way, owing to what social psychologists call “perceiver characteristics.”

According to Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani and Dr. Hammond Tarry in their book, “Principles of Social Psychology,” each of us brings our own schemas, attitudes, and expectations to every experience we have. The “process of interpretation,” say the authors, guarantees that we each form very individual impressions of the people, things, and images that we see.

So, there is science behind this sort of test, although this one is just for fun. Take the following five pairs of pictures; glance briefly at each pair and decide which face most accurately represents the emotion described.

Let’s see what your choices say about your personality.

Which Face Looks Surprised?

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Face 1: You are an easy, breezy, down-to-earth character, not often stopped in your tracks by an unforeseen event or a change of plans. Others likely appreciate this quality and rely upon you for your emotional resilience.

Face 2: You are organized at best, but some may say a little uptight at worst. Your capacities for self discipline and time management, however, are enviable. While you may be susceptible to getting a little stressed when work or responsibilities pile up, you have carefully cultivated the skills to stay focused and in control.

Which Face Looks Disappointed?

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Face 1: You are measured and capable. Often happier working, living, and spending time alone, you would make an excellent freelancer or boss at work if you are not one already. You may preference personal development over romantic relationships and a good book over a wild night out.

Face 2: You occasionally lack the self assurance to go it alone, often needing to seek approval from others before making big decisions. You have a close-knit circle of family and friends, however, that will tell you that you already have all the skills you need to take care of yourself. All you need is a confidence boost.

Which Face Looks in Love?

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Face 1: You are the proverbial eternal optimist, romantic, and lucky in love. You may get knocked down, but you always get back up again and nobody can convince you not to believe in “happily ever after.”

Face 2: You are a fun-lover and an opportunist. You may preference travel, adventure, and the great unknown over stability and predictability, and you don’t show any signs of wanting to settle down in the near future.

Which Face Looks Happy?

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Face 1: You are perennially curious and may harbor bohemian tendencies, preferring spontaneous road trips to meticulously planned trips and vacations. You like to find joy in the little things wherever possible, and make friends wherever you go.

Face 2: You are rationally minded. Order makes more sense to you than chaos, and you are happiest when things go as planned. While you love to meet new people, you are perhaps most comfortable in the company of your nearest and dearest and old, familiar friends.

Which Face Looks Calm?

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Face 1: You are loyal, reliable, and always there for the people you love. While you will always support a friend in need, you expect a level of reciprocity from the people you hold dear and can be sorely disappointed if others let you down. You hold your most loyal friends in the highest regard.

Face 2: You are active, excitable, and sometimes unpredictable. For you, “calm” may equate to “boring,” and you are always on the lookout for the next activity or sensory experience. People adore you for your adventurous nature.

So, did you learn anything surprising about yourself from your answers to this fun, five-part quiz?

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