Pastor Resonates With Shen Yun’s ‘Joy of Expression’

February 12, 2017

“I love it. It’s very colorful, I love all the movement, it’s very inspiring. Makes me smile to watch it, it makes me feel good. … There was also a message in a lot of it, of dealing with freedom and the joy of expression.”


“I think there’re lots of images of creation, and the idea that we all come from the same source and are one with each other, I think that’s very much a part of it.”


“[Shen Yun’s] very positive. Stories are unique and yet all of these stories are common to the human experience, whether it’s understanding creation or what are true values in life, not earthly treasures, but more spiritual ones, and then the people that try to oppress certain movements.”


“You may have momentary victories in holding something down, but it won’t be held down, people seek freedom and goodness and light and if that comes through—you can’t hold it down forever.”