Pastor Moved by Shen Yun’s Spiritual Themes

March 22, 2018

“It inspires me to see another culture’s view of inspiration, what they believe, … what is important to them.”

“[The spiritual aspect is] very interesting to me, coming from the religious or spiritual background that I come from. … Remembering where you came from and where you are going—it is very similar. … It is interesting that they use the word Creator. … We believe the same.”

“[The performers] just seem full of joy to me.”

“Oh, [the soprano’s song] is beautiful. … While she was singing that, it made me think. … The modern concepts in our country right now are pulling people away from their beliefs and the idea of the Creator.”

“There is a power higher than we are, and the modern concept is really men trying to think that they are that higher being, and it really just takes them away from the one who is.”