Painter Says Spiritual Awakening Much Needed After Seeing Shen Yun

January 6, 2018

“It was very magical. I love the colors, and it was just so stunning how together everything was. It was intense and beautiful. It was just stunning.”

“I love how they integrated the dance with the visuals of the video [digital backdrop]. I thought that was beautiful, the way they mixed, kind of brought it in and made it more in-depth that way.”

“I love the aspect of the creation and the heaven and the depth of, just sort of the idea that, time is short, and we need to wake up … realizing that everything we do affect others. And we are responsible for each other, and finding the peace that we need, and getting to heaven, and reaching other people, sharing that belief.”

“I just like the storytelling through the dance. I thought it was just very profound and beautiful.”