Overwhelmed by Shen Yun’s Revival of Traditional Chinese Culture

April 14, 2017

“I’m very proud actually as a Chinese that we [Shen Yun] are preserving this tradition.”

“When I saw the first scene I was very touched, I felt tears, I was overwhelmed. … I’m glad that I have experienced [traditional Chinese culture]. I’m glad [Shen Yun is] reviving it.”

“People have suffered in China because of faith, because of their belief. I sympathise for these people have to go through so much, to do something according to their belief. … How the ignorant people are trying to destroy it for their own personal agenda. But I’m very glad that this group of spiritual people are really persisting. They [the communist regime] are against anything that is good—because they are not good.”

“Modern Chinese have forgotten about their past, forgotten about the tradition, so I think it [Shen Yun] will bring back memory, it is very important to have this morality, to have this form of being kind, … It is important anyway. I think it is important for everybody, not only for China.”