One of Britain’s Most Successful Wind Soloists on Shen Yun’s Music

February 16, 2018

“My favorite moment was the solo for the two string instrument, that was incredible. The music really became more and more meaningful as it went on. As a musician, that struck me.”

“The sound was beautiful from the orchestra, so exact. Obviously the dancing was perfect, but actually the orchestra was really tight.”

“But also the dance style is so colorful, it’s like a wash of ‘wow’. As it went on, I started to realize I was noticing the little styles, the hand movements, and the movements of the head, and the little details that make up the style of dance as well. I’ve never seen any Chinese dance before, so it was a whole new experience. So just very fine.”

“By the second half, particularly, say, the dance ‘Devotion,’ then you start to really sense the meaning behind the music and the dance together.”

“And also for me, my history is not great, but we know China is a communist country. I would consider myself quite an intelligent person, but I honestly had no idea the level of suppression and persecution [in modern times].”