Ohio Mom Fulfills Ailing 12-Year-Old Son’s Last Wish to Walk Her Down the Aisle

May 5, 2019 Updated: May 5, 2019

A wedding is considered to be one of the happiest and greatest  moments in a bride and groom’s life as they exchange vows and promise to embark on a journey of togetherness. However, for one bride in Ohio, this day was a “bittersweet” one, for a heartbreaking reason.

On Nov. 7, 2018, Taylore Woodard and Adam, of Stow, held a small wedding ceremony in their house with the presence of family and close friends. Among the witnesses was Taylore’s 12-year-old son, Keith Burkett, who had specially asked for this ceremony.

And the reason why?

Keith had been battling with cancer since the age of 5.

During the Christmas Eve of 2010, Taylore discovered that her eldest son looked pale and refused to eat.

Doctors found “that there was fluid pushing on his heart and his heart rate was down,” Keith’s mom told The Independent.

In 2012, he was diagnosed with undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma.

Even though he went through chemotherapy and radiation, cancer spread through his body.

“It’s hard to watch your son die and know that you’re not going to have another Christmas with him,” she said

By 2018, his family knew that he wouldn’t make it too long; thus, when his mother asked if he wanted any of his wishes to be fulfilled, Keith admitted honestly—he wanted to see her get married.

“He said, ‘Well Momma, I would like to walk you down the aisle before I die,’ and then I was like you know, we’re making it happen,” Taylore told Fox 8.

In a tear-jerking video shared on the Facebook page Kourageous Keith, the young boy is seen wheeled down the corridor with his mom following behind. With Keith beside her, Taylore and Adam wed in their living room.

The occasion had a flower girl too, and Taylore wore a wedding dress.

“This was the most bitter sweet heartbreaking emotional day of my life,” Taylore wrote on the Facebook page. “But my baby boy got to walk me down the aisle and we got to honor his final wish.”

However, just days after the wedding, Taylore announced in a post that Keith had passed away on Nov. 12, 2018.

“Today at 12:57pm Keith earned his angel wings and it’s now in heaven in peace to be with god,” she wrote. “Mommy misses you so much already baby boy! You will always be with mommy!”

It was truly an unfortunate moment for her as a mom to see her own child dying before her.

Despite the heartbreak, Taylore hoped that people could learn something from witnessing her courageous son’s unbreakable spirit.

“I hope Keith showed each and every single one of you that life is short and you should NEVER take that for granted,” she wrote in a Facebook post two days prior to Keith’s passing.

She further added, “I hope keith showed each and everyone one of you that love always conquers evil. I hope Keith showed each and everyone of you that despite any obstacle you may face that you should NEVER GIVE UP!!”

Watch the video below:

Keith got his wish to walk his mother down the aisle 💜 Kourageous Keith

Posted by Ericka Woodard on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Photo courtesy of Taylore Woodard