‘Now That’s a Love Story’: 91-Year-Old Utah Couple Married 70 Years Die Just Hours Apart

August 21, 2020 Updated: August 21, 2020

A well-known couple from in Vineyard, Utah, who were married for 70 years died just hours apart earlier this month. Both partners in the marriage, Robert and Cumorah Holdaway, lived to the age of 91.

“They knew each other and were friends and did things together in their boy/girl groups, but did not officially date until the football banquet in the 11th grade,” Cumorah’s obituary stated.

After getting married in 1949, the two stayed by each other’s side from that day forward, only parting for 12 hours in between Robert’s passing on Aug. 9 and Cumorah’s passing in the early morning of Aug. 10.

Epoch Times Photo
Robert and Cumorah Holdway’s house, Vineyard, Utah. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

Daughter Sherrie-Kaye Miller told KTVX, “My dad wanted to be with my mom so bad that he would go to things that he didn’t really want to go to just so he could be with my mom … Now that is a love story.”

The Holdaways went on to run a very successful dairy farm in Vineyard, help the town grow and thrive, and raise five children. Mayor of Vineyard Julie Fullmer wrote a Facebook tribute that both Robert and Cumorah had been very involved in shaping the community where they live.

“Vineyard grows amazing crops, but someday, Vineyard will grow a more important crop, families,” Fullmer recounted something he once said. As of their death, the Holdaways had 32 grandchildren and 75 great-grandchildren, proving Robert’s words true.

The Holdaways were able to build such a strong family because of their solid relationship. Granddaughter Meechelle Talbot shared just how closely they worked together as a married couple.

“They did everything together. Served together, fought for what they thought was right together,” she explained. “Grandma drove the tractor on the farm, hauling hay, they are just a great example of how a marriage should be as well. It is a sweet legacy.”

The Holdaways weren’t just devoted to each other, but they also served their community. Mayor Julie Fullmer had the flags lowered to half-mast in recognition of their contributions.

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Lakeside Town Hall (Screenshot/Google Maps)

As the couple grew older, they sold off some of their 190 acres of land, which paved the way for more development in their town. Robert was the first to get ill, and the whole family hoped that their passing would be close so they could remain together.

“Once grandpa decided he was going to go, grandma wasn’t going to let him go by himself,” granddaughter Meehcelle Talbot said. “We are so grateful that neither of them had to be at the funeral for the other because that would have just been so heartbreaking.”

Receiving tributes from the governor of Utah for their service as well as from their mayor, the Holdaways’ family remembers them for their private accomplishments just as much their public ones.

Daughter Sherrie-Kaye Miller added, “I hope their life is remembered as, that they loved deeply, they cared deeply, their actions showed, it wasn’t just words.”

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