Next-Door Dogs Fall in Love With Each Other: ‘They Are Inseparable When They Are Together’

BY Daksha Devnani TIMEJuly 6, 2020 PRINT

When a shy golden retriever moved with its owner to a new house, she immediately bonded with the canine next door. However, not long after, what started off as a friendship between the two blossomed into a fairytale love story.

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Lola, a golden retriever. (Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

In March 2019, Lola moved with her owner Amber Marie Monte to a new property just outside Surrey, England. As Lola started to get acclimated to her new surroundings, she began to familiarize herself with a Staffordshire terrier, named Loki, that resided next door.

Although Loki and Lola were separated by a wooden fence, the canines didn’t take long to get to know each other.

“We’ve never lived next to other dogs before, and Lola was so excited to see another dog so often!” Monte told The Dodo. “When Loki was in his garden he’d always jump up at the fence and look for Lola, as he knew she was usually there.”

Epoch Times Photo
Lola with her owners Amber Marie Monte and her fiance, Alex Boothroyd. (Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

However, Lola’s family wasn’t aware that their timid puppy felt the same way as her newfound friend.

Monte said, “Lola would always jump up and give him a little hello with some licks.”

Her family didn’t think her advances meant anything and instead thought “they were getting to know each other and that would be it, really.”

As Lola and Loki started to spend more time with each other, Monte was a bit surprised, as her almost 4-year-old puppy was usually scared when she encountered big dogs on walks. “This is, [w]hy we found it so odd when she took so well to Loki,” Monte said.

Epoch Times Photo
Lola and Loki bonding with each other. (Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

A few months later, their friendship truly started to blossom. By June 2019, Monte began noticing that Lola would prefer spending time outside with Loki rather than at home with her. Apparently, Lola would spend her days on the back door waiting to go outside.

According to Monte, as soon as Lola would be left outside, the first thing she would do is jump up the fence and look out for her beloved Loki to see if he was out too. The sweet dog who started to fall for her neighbor would patiently sit and wait by the fence if Loki wasn’t outside.

Epoch Times Photo
Lola looking for Loki over the fence. (Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

Not long after, Loki found a way to get around the fence so that he could spend time with his loved one. On a couple of occasions, Monte found the two enjoying themselves as they played in her garden.

“They are so excited to see each other when they play—there’s lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing!” Monte said of their pure love.

Sharing their adorable love story on a Facebook group called “Dogspotting Society,” Monte wrote: “They give boops every day and pine for each other. Loki is so excited, that sometimes he has already jumped the fence and is sat waiting in our garden for her to come out and play,” adding “I have never seen anything so cute.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

Unsurprisingly, the canine’s love story resonated with dog lovers, amassing some 18,000 reactions and over 1,000 shares.

Many took to the comments section to admire the adorable pictures of the two.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

One social media user wrote, “This may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” While another one humorously added, “Get yourself someone who looks at you like Loki looks at Lola!!”

A third one chimed in, writing, “You and your neighbor can never move away from each other.”

Epoch Times Photo
Lola and Loki playing with each other. (Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

According to researchers, dogs do fall in love and can feel rejection too. Dr. Marc Bekoff, a researcher and former professor of animal behavior, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), and behavioral ecology at the University of Colorado, told Vice: “Dogs aren’t afraid to sniff each other. They express themselves clearly, and they’re not afraid to say, ‘I love you.’”

As for Loki and Lola, “They are inseparable when they are together,” Monte told The Dodo.

Watch the video:

(Courtesy of Amber Marie Monte)

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