New Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep

BY Miriam Silverberg TIMEDecember 26, 2014 PRINT

How well did you keep those New Year’s resolutions from last year? Don’t even remember what they were, huh? I thought so.

Well, here are some resolutions you might actually want to keep, since they involve shopping.

Resolve to find out what size bra you actually wear. Most women really don’t know. Most women have never been fitted for a bra, or were fitted 25 years ago. Since then, they have had three children, gained 25 pounds, their whole build has changed, and yet they’re still wearing the same size bra.

This is very easily remedied. Go to a shop specializing in bras or the bra department in a good department store and insist on being measured before trying on anything. You might be very surprised by the result—your body will definitely thank you for it.

Since you’re at it, why not try on a two-way stretch or stretch panty that comes to the waist? This will get rid of the dreaded panty line. We all have it—especially when wearing a figure skimming dress after a hearty meal. Resolve to buy the right bra or panties for that dress you seldom wear because you don’t have the right underwear for it.

Resolve to go through your underwear drawer, getting rid of stretched out bras, panties, and ripped hosiery. Having done that, keep going through your closed and cull those things that you never wear. If you love it and it needs shortening, then do it yourself or pay a tailor. If it was a mistake, just get rid of it. We all, no matter how style savvy, buy things that turn out to be mistakes. Holding on to them will not make them either fit or look better.

Resolve that if there’s anything you don’t wear for whatever reason, either fix it or get rid of it. That dress that would be perfect, if you only had the right shoes—buy them.

Resolve to wear things you love, even if they’re a little too dressy.

Going out to dinner with friends? Why not wear your sequined skirt, even though you know your friends will be wearing jeans? I’m not suggesting a strapless cocktail dress, but try the sequined skit with a sweater—get creative.

Miriam Silverberg is a freelance journalist and owner of Miriam Silverberg Associates, a boutique publicity firm in Manhattan. She may be reached at

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