Musician: ‘Very impressed, and we definitely can’t wait to come back next year’

December 24, 2017

“I thought that performance was wonderful. The precision, everything, the way it worked together, was exquisite. I was very, very impressed at … everything, from the light, the dancing, and the coordination between the music, everything. I was very, very impressed.”

“That was actually the reason that I came, I wanted to hear the music. I knew just from seeing and watching others that the dancing, everything, would be excellent, but the way it all came together was phenomenal. We were very, very impressed, and we definitely can’t wait to come back next year to see it again.”

“The coordination between the dancers was so exact, and the lines were so straight and precise…It was very, very impressive. You know the amount of work that went into that, I know what it takes to put on a performance like that.”

“The whole time I was over the rail watching the orchestra, a lot of it, listening to the different instruments and things like that, and the way they worked together. I play keyboard and also brass instruments, and so I was interested in those, but the way they worked together, very well done, very well.”

“Great blend, the way it was. It was always together, it was never like Western orchestra and then the Chinese—they never clashed. They worked together very, very well. And the way they weaved them in and out, and one never overpowered the other. I liked the way that the Western orchestra did not overpower that, which can be very—Western orchestras can be very powerful, like that, and the Chinese instruments are so delicate, like that. And the sound was really good.”

“It’s very happy, very joyous. It made us feel—the entire time, we were like, ‘what are they going to do next?’ … I really didn’t know what to expect. To be able to bring in the divine … was very comforting. Very, very nice.”

“I just thought it kind of brought everything together. It’s worldwide, the different cultures and everything … It’s fascinating. I feel very woke. I felt like I was in a different land … and I was made to feel very woke. We were made to feel like a guest. For that, I was very, very, very happy. We can’t wait till next year.”