Music School Owner Appreciates Shen Yun’s Connection Between Music and Dance

April 3, 2017

“I can’t believe their abilities to do what they do.”

“I believe that there is a lot of spirituality that is coming forth through this, and I am very much into that myself. I see the spiritual aspects. I think we have three bodies, I think we are spiritual, intellectual, and we are physical. This is truly working with the spiritual. I see that coming through from the whole performance.” 

“So much is not understood in this country as to what has happened over there (in China). I know they are not that free and I know [Shen Yun] cannot go back there and do this presentation. This is a culture that is so beautiful. … It’s marvelous. It’s the oldest culture in the world.”

“I love the Chinese instruments. I have a lot of Chinese in my school. I have been involved with concerts with Chinese instruments. They are beautiful. They are absolutely beautiful.”

“The backdrop is wonderful. When they come through [the screen], when they fly in through [the screen]; I love it. And when they pop up [on stage], it’s absolutely amazing how they time that. I do stage production in my school. It’s amazing to me how all the timing is just perfect and the costuming — they are changing costumes all the time, and they are in their place right away. I have been in performances all my life, so I know what they are up against. It’s beautiful.” 

“It is super enlightening, and it’s also educational, and when I go back to my school, I am going to tell all my students that they really need to go see it. I have been passing out [Shen Yun] brochures in my school. So, now that I have seen it, I can tell people, ‘I really think you should go see it.’ 

“And I like the fact that they brought the [vignettes about religious] oppression forward. They need to tell that story. That story needs to be told. We don’t hear much about that in this country, unfortunately.” 

“I just wish everybody would see this. Absolutely marvelous.”