Music Recording Engineer Sees Shen Yun for Third Year

March 19, 2017

“Oh we love it. … The visuals and the colors and everything about it is very enjoyable. We’ve been three times.” 


“This is our third time coming … this is the one thing I do with her, but every time we come, it’s really enjoyable. And I like the dynamic of the ladies dancers to the men dancers and I appreciate it. I enjoyed the singing too.”


“Oh their [orchestra] is awesome. I love the music too. I mean the music is great, being this close to the orchestra is very cool too. These guys are great, everything about it is awesome.” 


“I feel good right now.” 


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Simon Tuozzoli , engineer, music recording engineer
Waterbury, United States
Shen Yun North America Company
March 18, 2017