Mom of 3 Shatters World Record Finishing Half Marathon With Kids in Triple Stroller

August 20, 2019 Updated: August 25, 2019

Most moms know that raising kids can be more than a handful to say the least—and some end up becoming grizzled, expert multitaskers afterward.

That might entail dealing with a tantrum at the supermarket or the like, but in the case of one Montana mom, it meant running a half marathon with three kids in a triple stroller.

Not only did 34-year-old mom Cynthia Arnold cross the finish line with her three tots, however, she also broke a world record to boot.

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Arnold pulled off the momentous feat at the Missoula Marathon on July 15th when she completed the race in 1 hour and 29 minutes, shattering the old record for completing a half marathon with 3 kids in a stroller by more than 20 minutes.

The previous record setter took 1 hour and 47 minutes to finish the half marathon with the same cargo.

Arnold’s three kids, 6, 3, and 11 months, thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and were seen cooling off with popsicles as mom pants and perspires, pounding the pavement behind them.

According to Arnold, the idea to run the race and try for the record wasn’t her own; it was her husband’s, just before they welcomed their third child into the world.

“He said, ‘You should try to go for this triple world record in the half marathon, that would be really cool,’” Arnold told Runner’s World. “‘That would be really neat for the kids.’”

But the concept of running the race was more than about simply breaking records. Arnold also hoped to teach her children about how to lead an active lifestyle, and how even parents who have their hands full can continue doing so.

“That type of lifestyle shouldn’t be sacrificed if you have kids, and kids should realize that it’s fun and normal and good to make these types of choices,” shared Arnold.

In preparation for the half marathon, Arnold trained in her home town of Polson, 70 miles north of Missoula. Although she took her kids out for a few training runs, a few 10-mile runs and one 17-mile, she ran solo, with a stroller, most of the time.

In Polson, roads are rockier and the weather windier than in Missoula, and Arnold would practice running uphill, all of which would help her prepare for the actual race.

Yet, during all those months of preparation, her kids were getting bigger and heavier the whole time, starting out with a combined weight of 130 pounds (approx. 59 kg), and ending up weighing 185 pounds (approx. 84 kg) on race day.

Crossing the finish line was an emotional moment for the mom. Not only had she crushed a world record, but she had her kids right there by her side, and they were a part of that. Of course, they were oblivious to their mom’s staggering achievement—they were too busy with their lollipops.

“It was more of a parent moment than a running moment,” Arnold said.