Beverage Company CEO: “Unbelievable”

August 26, 2008 Updated: August 26, 2008

NEW YORK—Mr. Dean Petkanas, the CEO of Mojito Brands, Inc. had this to say about the Divine Performing Arts show that he saw on Sunday evening: “Unbelievable.”

On Sunday, August 24th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, Divine Performing Arts performed in front of thousands of people. The show drew rave reviews from people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Mr. Petkanas was among them.

“Everything from the artisanship, to the costume design, to the performances was incredible. You could see that everyone was very emotionally attached to the performance from the performers to the audience,” he said. “The performers put their hearts into the performances. It was really uplifting. I was fascinated by the ‘Mongolian Bowl Dance’ and ‘Herding on the Mongolian Plains.’ The Mongolian dances were very expressive. The girls’ costumes for the bowl dance shimmered.”

Mr. Petkanas found how Chinese culture was conveyed to be the most vivid. “The most incredible thing about the performance is that the performers have a deep knowledge of Chinese antiquity. They are far beyond simply being dancers in a show. And the fact that they have a regime (the Chinese Communist Party) that could suppress such things is incredible.”

Mr. Petkanas added that he knew a lot about China and Eastern culture. “I have read Eastern philosophical text, studied martial arts, and read Lao Zi (the founder of Taoism). So I understand the depth of Chinese culture through the millennia. Sometimes I like to compare the sociology from culture to culture.”

But even with his rich knowledge, he expressed that the Divine Performing Arts show had a unique message. “I have never seen a spiritual dance that expresses heaven and earth and other things beyond this world in such an amazing way.”

Divine Performing Arts will begin touring the world with an all-new show in December this year. Last year the show performed in more than 65 cities across 4 continents with over 600,000 live audience members. Visit for more information and a schedule of upcoming shows.