Model Finds Compassion, Tolerance in Shen Yun

January 5, 2018

“I think it was so beautiful, breathtaking. Very moving as well.”

“I really like that they brought awareness to the Falun Dafa, because it’s something that I heard a long time ago, and nobody really spoke about it. And to see it portrayed as an art and to see their [Chinese] culture and their history conveyed so beautifully made me very happy, and very emotional as well.”

“[The spiritual aspect] was really wonderful, so moving. Tolerance and compassion. It really made me think. It was really wonderful.”

“It is very inspiring. I really liked the folk dances as well, they’re very lovely.”

“[The soprano] was lovely, very well done. It was so beautiful. The lyrics were astounding. So deep, so meaningful. It doesn’t just sound beautiful, but it was so deep as well. [The message I got was] to remind myself to be more compassionate, to be more tolerant, to be kinder in my life, and just to remind myself to be a better person and to grow as well.”